"Salta - highest wine region in the world"

"Salta - highest wine region in the world"

Since the early 1990s vineyards have been planted at higher altitudes in an attempt to prolong the growing season and increase levels of both natural acidity and flavor within the grapes.

Officially, recorded by Guinness World Records in 2018, the world's highest vineyard is in Tibet but the highest ‘wine region’ is Salta, Argentina. Of all the wine tourism regions in South America, none can be more beautiful than Salta in Argentina’s far north. 

The higher above sea level and the fluctuation between day/night climates means lower alcohol and higher acidity in the grapes, both increasingly sought after for lighter, fresher wines. The freshness can also be enhanced by subtle wind chills in a vineyard on a mountain slope. At extreme altitudes, the vines are subject to intense sunlight which gives grapes more antioxidants and thicker skins, meaning more color, tannin and flavor intensity in reds, and longer aging ability too – all desirable attributes.

Try our fantastic wines from Salta:

Laborum Malbec 2017

Las Nubes Torrontés 2017

Quara Torrontés 2019

Tukma Gran Corte 2014

If you are interested in knowing more about Salta, we recommend this fantastic presentation from "Wines of Argentina".


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